Sometimes I think about the 50th and die a little bit inside because the whole point of the time war was that it was their only choice and it affected so much of their character development

And then you just wipe their slate clean because you think the doctor is this…


best of “she wears short skirts”


sometimes i think my fandoms are complicated and then i go over to the star trek fandom and





they’d have all died.


the chicken from season 1 is more important than larry




can we please talk about this

1998 is a hard year for jackie # even working two jobs money is tight # (especially with rose’s gymnastic lessons # but rose loves them and jackie will sell her own kidneys to ensure she can keep attending) # and christmas is just around the corner # she looks over her books and feels ill: # she simply can’t afford to get rose any proper gift this year # and it breaks her heart # because rose is so excited # she loves christmas # keeps saying how she hopes it’ll snow this year # proper like # and christmas eve jackie is up late # worrying and hating how disappointed rose is gonna be come morning # when she wakes up to see the floor is almost empty beneath the tree # and that’s when there’s a knock at the door # she opens it # (with a baseball bat at the ready - it’s late on the estate after all) # and there’s no one there # just a red child-sized bike # with a note attached # 'she's gonna be fantastic' it reads in messy loopy handwriting # 'merry christmas' # and normally she’d be worried about weirdos and stalkers but tonight # tonight it’s christmas eve and jackie tyler knows when not to look a gift horse in the mouth # so she hauls it inside quiet as she can # and the next morning when she’s awoken by the sound of rose crashing her new bike # into the hallway mirror # shrieking in delight the entire time # she takes a moment to say a silent thank you (via)

and now I’m crying


i cant belieev im laughing so much


We’re all ghosts to you.


The address is 221B Baker Street.
Panorama (1234)

This is so magical.


what the fuck is the next big sports anime gonna be? golf anime?? petanque anime??? roller derby anime?? actually hold up im changing the direction of this post to say that i really want a yuri roller derby sports anime


nobody knows what their favourite episode of sherlock is but everybody knows it isn’t the blind banker for some reason